Super7 – Bob Esponja SquarePants ULTIMATES!


If there was a face of eternal optimism it would be as absorbent and yellow and porous as he. SpongeBob SquarePants’ irrepressible spirit is a beacon of unrepentant joy in an increasingly jaded world.

This made-to-order, 7″ scale fully articulated SpongeBob SquarePants ULTIMATES! figure of SpongeBob comes with interchangeable heads, arms, hands, plus a variety of accessories including Gary, his Bubble Buddy, a jellyfish, and more!

2x interchangeable heads: Regular head, Bubble blowing head
9x interchangeable hands: 2x open hands, 2x net hands, 2x finger-gun hands, 2x pointing finger hands, 1x bubble hand
5x interchangeable arms: 2x straight arms, 2x bent arms, 1x bubble blowing arm
Gary’s bowl
Bubble Buddy
Jellyfish net
If you’re a big fan of the nautical nonsense and under-sea shenanigans that is SpongeBob SquarePants, you’re not going to want to pass up the chance to add the ULTIMATES! figure of SpongeBob to your Bikini Bottom collection!

Ages 14+
Country of origin: China

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