Shiro Sagisu – Music From «Shin Evangelion» Evangelion: 3.0+1.0; CD Triple


Shiro Sagisu – Music From «Shin Evangelion» Evangelion: 3.0+1.0
Sello: Milan, Sony Classical, King Amusement Creative
Formato: 3 x CD, Album, Nuevo, Sellado
País: Europe
Publicado: 2021
Género: Classical, Stage & Screen
Estilo: Soundtrack, Score, Theme

CD1-1 Paris
CD1-2 If A Cause Is Worth Dying For Then Be
CD1-3 Euro Nerv
CD1-4 Tema Principale: Orchestra Dedicata Ai Maestri
CD1-5 Berceuse: Piano
CD1-6 L’homme N’est Ni Ange Ni Bête
CD1-7 Prettiest Star
CD1-8 Karma
CD1-9 Yearning For Your Love
CD1-10 Tema Principale: Piano Dedicata Ai Maestri
CD1-11 Hand Of Fate
CD1-12 Unwelcome: Piano
CD1-13 M & R: Piano
CD1-14 Lost In The Memory
CD1-15 Berceuse: Piano Dans L’orchestre à Cordes
CD1-16 Em10a Alterne
CD1-17 Em10a Alterne Bis
CD1-18 Gekitotsu! Gouten Tai Daimakan (Duel! Gohten Vs. Daimakan)
CD1-19 Gekitotsu! Gouten Tai Daimakan =Hooked On The Last Train= (Duel! Gohten Vs. Daimakan =Hooked On The Last Train=)
CD2-1 Metamorphosis
CD2-2 Paranoia
CD2-3 Mirror Mirror: Refrain
CD2-4 Mirror Mirror: Orchestra And Choir
CD2-5 This Is The Dream, Beyond Belief…
CD2-6 Thème Du Concerto 494
CD2-7 Psycho
CD2-8 Killer
CD2-9 I’ll Go On Loving Someone Else =Version Orchestre=
CD2-10 Pillars Of Faith
CD2-11 Voices In My Head
CD2-12 What If?: Orchestra, Choir And Piano
CD2-13 Em20 =wunder Operation=
CD2-14 The Path
CD2-15 Born Evil
CD2-16 Citation From ‘Joy To The World’
CD2-17 Pensées Intimes: Piano Dans L’orchestre à Cordes
CD2-18 Ave Verum Corpus
CD2-19 Voyager – Gravestone Without Date
CD2-20 𝄇
CD3-1 The Way Of Life
CD3-2 Pensées Intimes: Piano
CD3-3 Unwelcome: Orchestra
CD3-4 R & M: Suite Pour Piano, Flûte Basse Et Orchestre
CD3-5 This Is The Dream
CD3-6 Voyager – Gravestone Without Date =Suppa Duppa Bossa=
CD3-7 What If?: Guitar
CD3-8 Hand Of Fate: Playback
CD3-9 Yearning For Your Love: Playback
CD3-10 Lost In The Memory: Playback
CD3-11 la Plus Belle Étoile
CD3-12 Tema Principale: Tromba E Orchestra
CD3-13 Tema Principale: Chitarra
CD3-14 Soul Love: Guitar To Orchestra Segue
CD3-15 Réminiscence: Epilogue

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