Robin Carolan & Sebastian Gainsborough – The Northman (Original Motion Picture Score); Vinilo Doble


Robin Carolan & Sebastian Gainsborough – The Northman (Original Motion Picture Score)
Sello: Sacred Bones Records
Formato: 2 x Vinilo, LP, Album, Nuevo, Sellado.
País: US
Publicado: 22 jul 2022
Género: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, Stage & Screen
Estilo: Soundtrack, Nordic, Modern Classical

A1 Approaching Hrafnsey
A2 The King
A3 Entering The Temple
A4 Last Teardrop
A5 Blood Tree, Part 1
A6 Strike, Brother
A7 Escape
A8 I Will Avenge You, Father
Follow The Vixen’s Tail
B1 The Land Of The Rus
B2 A Burning Barn
B3 Seeress
B4 Raven’s Omen
B5 Storm At Sea / Yggdrasill
B6 Iceland
B7 I Will Save You, Mother
B8 Slave Work
B9 Guðrún
B10 Follow The Vixen’s Tail
The Night Blade Feeds
C1 He-Witch
C2 Draugr
C3 Mound Dweller
C4 To The Games
C5 Birch Woods
C6 First Of Many
C7 Trollish Sorcery
C8 Svið Night, Part 1
C9 Svið Night, Part 2
C10 I Am Your Death
C11 Come Morning
C12 I Am His Vengeance
C13 Óðinn
C14 Valkyrie
The Gates Of Hel
D1 Vestrahorn
D2 Hidden Valley
D3 Blood Tree, Part 2
D4 Blóð Inside / I Choose Both
D5 A Maiden King
D6 The Wolf Has Grown
D7 The Gates Of Hel / Slain By Iron
D8 Hekla
D9 Cut The Thread Of Fate
D10 Make Your Passage / Valhöll
D11 Ættartré / End Credits

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