Peter Gabriel – I/O; CD Doble + Blu-ray


Peter Gabriel – I/O
Label: Real World Records – PGCDBR21
2 x CD, Album, Stereo
Blu-ray, Blu-ray Audio, Album, Stereo, Multichannel
Country: US
Released: Dec 1, 2023
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: AOR, Art Rock, Downtempo, Pop Rock

Bright-Side Mix
CD1-1 Panopticom 5:18
CD1-2 The Court 4:21
CD1-3 Playing For Time 6:19
CD1-4 I/O 3:53
CD1-5 Four Kinds Of Horses 6:48
CD1-6 Road To Joy 5:22
CD1-7 So Much 4:52
CD1-8 Olive Tree 6:02
CD1-9 Love Can Heal 6:03
CD1-10 This Is Home 5:05
CD1-11 And Still 7:45
CD1-12 Live And Let Live 6:49
Dark-Side Mix
CD2-1 Panopticom 5:18
CD2-2 The Court 4:21
CD2-3 Playing For Time 6:19
CD2-4 I/O 3:53
CD2-5 Four Kinds Of Horses 6:48
CD2-6 Road To Joy 5:25
CD2-7 So Much 4:52
CD2-8 Olive Tree 6:01
CD2-9 Love Can Heal 6:04
CD2-10 This Is Home 5:05
CD2-11 And Still 7:45
CD2-12 Live And Let Live 7:14
In-Side Mix
BD-1 Panopticom
BD-2 The Court
BD-3 Playing For Time
BD-4 I/O
BD-5 Four Kinds Of Horses
BD-6 Road To Joy
BD-7 So Much
BD-8 Olive Tree
BD-9 Love Can Heal
BD-10 This Is Home
BD-11 And Still
BD-12 Live And Let Live
Bright-Side Mix
BD-13 Panopticom
BD-14 The Court
BD-15 Playing For Time
BD-16 I/O
BD-17 Four Kinds Of Horses
BD-18 Road To Joy
BD-19 So Much
BD-20 Olive Tree
BD-21 Love Can Heal
BD-22 This Is Home
BD-23 And Still
BD-24 Live And Let Live
Dark-Side Mix
BD-25 Panopticom
BD-26 The Court
BD-27 Playing For Time
BD-28 I/O
BD-29 Four Kinds Of Horses
BD-30 Road To Joy
BD-31 So Much
BD-32 Olive Tree
BD-33 Love Can Heal
BD-34 This Is Home
BD-35 And Still
BD-36 Live And Let Live

Issued in an 8-panel digisleeve with a 32 pp. booklet.
Comes with an obi strip.

Title stylized in lower-case «i/o», including respective tracks. Three different mixes of the album feature: the Bright-Side by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, the Dark-Side by Tchad Blake, and In-Side by Hans-Martin Buff.

BD Audio options:
– In-Side Mix: Dolby Atmos
– Bright-Side Mix and Dark-Side Mix: LPCM Stereo

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