Kotobukiya – Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon A Time – Evangelion Test Type-01 with Spear of Cassius


The ever-popular Evangelion Test Type-01 rejoins Kotobukiya’s plastic model kit series brandishing the Spear of Cassius as shown in “EVANGELION:3.0 +1.0 Thrice Upon A Time”!
This model kit features a precise joint design with the use of CAD technology and a sophisticated form created by the hands of highly skilled sculptors to fully recreate the Evangelion and its included accessories, even the spear wielded in battle with Evangelion 13 in the movie trailer.

Product Specifications
Mouth can be opened or closed by adjusting the chin as shown in the film.
Movable Entry Plug: The Entry Plug can be pulled out in conjunction with the movable rear block.
Interlocking Knee Joints: The front thighs and kneecaps are interlocked and can be moved.
Expansion of the shoulder knife storage: can be recreated with additional included parts.
Interlocking Neck Joints: The throat joint is interlocked enabling the model to look up.
Included Hand Parts:
Spear-holding (left and right), closed fists (left and right), open hands (left and right), gun-holding (left and right), knife-holding (left and right), open hands with fingers curved (left and right), and grabbing hands. With the wide variety of hand parts, users can recreate many scenes from the film.
Pre-Painted Parts:
Some of the parts are pre-painted such as the detailed parts around the head, allowing users to recreate Evangelion Test Type-01 from the film with ease.
Included Items:
Spear of Cassius
Entry Plug
Umbilical Cable
Progressive Knife
Pallet Rifle
Shoulder Knife Storage Expansion Replacement Parts
Decal for the rear replacement parts with 3mm connection points that are compatible with the separately sold New Flying Base (arm and shoulder markings)
This model kit is compatible with the separately sold New Flying Base for users to enjoy posing this model in various action poses. (Can be connected through the 3mm connecting points on the rear and on the Umbilical Cable.)

Product height: 7.48 in (1/400 scale)
Materials: PS・PE・ABS・PVC (Phthalate-free)
Package: Lidded Box
Sculptor: Yuichi Kuwamura, Shohei Chiba

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