Hackedepicciotto – Perseverantia; Vinilo Simple


by hackedepicciotto

Love Foundation 10:12
Grace 05:02
Faith 08:44
Strength 06:44

Awake 08:08
Perseverantia 06:17
Prayer 01:13

«Perseverantia» means «endurance» or «persistence» and the artist couple, otherwise known for their adventurous lifetsyle and unusual experiments are obviously concerned with a different theme this time around.
Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke have been leading a nomadic life since 2010, with no permanent home and travelling from one city to the next.
The reason for their restlessness is the overall gentrification, the annihilation of individualism, the rising costs of living and the relentless sellout by the mainstream entertainment industry.
«Artists need to find new ways of working now-a-days in order to upkeep integrity and autonomy. The old patterns no longer function.”
The uncompromising decision to abandon their home has since determined their work.
Their search for external & internal clarity, researching archaic principles and philosophies has helped them master the rigors of the road.
For the attentive listener «Perseverantia» reveals a treasure of their truisms.
The album was recorded in the Californian Mojave desert and is mostly instrumental, with a few spoken-word lyrics by Danielle de Picciotto.
Together with the throat-singing by Alexander Hacke, the purring and squeaking of the hurdy-gurdy and an ether-plucking harp, melancholic violin melodies and the hum and growl of bass and guitar,
one is placed in an acoustic world of mysteries, which floats out of the loudspeakers like an epic movie, both disturbing and mesmerizing.
«Perseverantia ad finem optatum» they sing in the title track, and is their main consequence of importance:
To successfully achieve a positive goal, we need one thing above all: endurance. No matter how stony the road or wild the storm – we must continue following our path.
Surrender is not an option – for none of us.

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