Green Day – Dookie (30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Numbered Limited Edition); Vinilo Séxtuple, Box Set


Green Day – Dookie
Sello: Reprise Records – 093624862789
Cofre, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, 30th Anniversary Edition
Vinilo, LP, Dookie
Vinilo, LP, Demos
Vinilo, LP, Single Sided, Etched, Outtakes
Vinilo, LP, Woodstock 1994
2 x Vinilo, LP, Live In Barcelona, Gatefold
País: Worldwide
Publicado: 29 sept 2023
Género: Rock
Estilo: Punk, Alternative Rock, Pop Punk

A1 Burnout
A2 Having A Blast
A3 Chump
A4 Longview
A5 Welcome To Paradise
A6 Pulling Teeth
A7 Basket Case
B1 She
B2 Sassafras Roots
B3 When I Come Around
B4 Coming Clean
B5 Emenius Sleepus
B6 In The End
B7 F.O.D.
B8 All By Myself
C1 Burnout (4-Track Demo)
C2 Chump (4-Track Demo)
C3 Pulling Teeth (4-Track Demo)
C4 Basket Case (4-Track Demo)
C5 She (4-Track Demo)
C6 Sassafras Roots (4-Track Demo)
C7 When I Come Around (4-Track Demo)
C8 In The End (4-Track Demo)
C9 F.O.D. (4-Track Demo)
C10 When It’s Time (4-Track Demo)
D1 When I Come Around (Cassette Demo)
D2 Basket Case (Cassette Demo)
D3 Longview (Cassette Demo)
D4 Burnout (Cassette Demo)
D5 Haushinka (Cassette Demo)
D6 J.A.R. (Cassette Demo)
D7 Having A Blast (Cassette Demo)
E1 Christie Rd
E2 409 In Your Coffeemaker
E3 J.A.R.
E4 On The Wagon
E5 Tired Of Waiting For You
E6 Walking The Dog (Demo)
Woodstock 1994
G1 Welcome To Paradise (Live)
G2 One Of My Lies (Live)
G3 Chump (Live)
G4 Longview (Live)
G5 Basket Case (Live)
H1 When I Come Around (Live)
H2 Burnout (Live)
H3 F.O.D. (Live)
H4 Paper Lanterns (Live)
H5 Shit Show (Live)
Live In Barcelona (June 5 1994)
I1 Welcome To Paradise (Live)
I2 One Of My Lies (Live)
I3 Chump (Live)
I4 Longview (Live)
I5 Burnout (Live)
J1 Only Of You (Live)
J2 When I Come Around (Live)
J3 2000 Light Years Away (Live)
J4 Going To Pasalacqua (Live)
J5 Knowledge (Live)
K1 Basket Case (Live)
K2 Paper Lanterns (Live)
K3 Road To Acceptance (Live)
K4 Dominated Love Slave (Live)
L1 F.O.D. (Live)
L2 Christie Road (Live)
L3 Disappearing Boy (Live)

30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Numbered Limited Edition
65 Tracks On 6 LP’s
LP1 Original Dookie Album
LP2 Seventeen Unreleased Demos
LP3 Six Studio Outakes (3 Unreleased)
LP4 Woodstock 1994
LP’s 5 & 6 Live in Barcelona, 1994 (Unreleased)

36-page Book
‘Dookie’ Air Freshener
‘Dookie’ Dog Poop Bags’
5 Button Set
Kiss-cut Magnet Sheet
Bumper Sticker
Paper Plane Original Cover Poster
Color-your-own ‘Dookie’ Cover Lithograph

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