Gorillaz ‎– Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez Super Deluxe Boxset; Vinlo Doble + CD + 11 x 7″


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Gorillaz – Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez Super Deluxe Boxset
Label: Parlophone ‎
Format: Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album
CD, Album,Vinyl, 7″, Teal Translucent, Vinyl, 7″, Yellow Translucent, Vinyl, 7″, Orange Translucent
Vinyl, 7″, Neon Orange Translucent , Vinyl, 7″, Red Translucent, Vinyl, 7″, Pink Translucent
Vinyl, 7″, Purple Translucent, Vinyl, 7″, Cyan Translucent, Vinyl, 7″, Cobalt Translucent
Vinyl, 7″, Green Translucent ,Vinyl, 7″, Blue Translucent, Nuevo, Sellado.
Country: UK, Europe & US
Released: 23 Oct 2020
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop
Style: Alternative Rock, Hip Hop

LP1-A1 Strange Timez 3:47
LP1-A2 The Valley Of The Pagans 3:01
LP1-A3 The Lost Chord 4:03
LP1-A4 Pac-Man 3:12
LP1-A5 Chalk Tablet Towers 3:02
LP1-B6 The Pink Phantom 4:13
LP1-B7 Aries 4:13
LP1-B8 Friday 13th 3:35
LP1-B9 Dead Butterflies 4:33
LP1-B10 Désolé (Extended Version) 5:33
LP1-B11 Momentary Bliss 3:41
LP2-C12 Opium 6:50
LP2-C13 Simplicity 2:44
LP2-C14 Severed Head 3:34
LP2-D15 With Love To An Ex 3:00
LP2-D16 MLS 3:14
LP2-D17 How Far? 2:46
EP1-A1 Strange Timez
EP1-B1 Strange Timez (Instrumental)
EP2-A1 The Valley Of The Pagans
EP2-B1 The Valley Of The Pagans (Instrumental)
EP3-A1 The Lost Chord
EP3-B1 The Lost Chord (Instrumental)
EP4-A1 Pac-Man
EP4-B1 Pac-Man (Instrumental)
EP5-A1 Chalk Tablet Towers
EP5-B1 Chalk Tablet Towers (Instrumental)
EP6-A1 The Pink Phantom
EP6-AB1 The Pink Phantom (Instrumental)
EP7-A1 Aries
EP7-B1 Aries (Instrumental)
EP8-A1 Friday 13th
EP8-B1 Friday 13th (Instrumental)
EP9-A1 Dead Butterflies
EP9-B1 Dead Butterflies (Instrumental)
EP10-A1 Désolé
EP10-B1 Désolé (Instrumental)
EP11-A1 Momentary Bliss
EP11-B1 Momentary Bliss (Instrumental)

Cardboard box with lift-off lid includes:

Crank handle music box with song machine theme song
7” vinyl singles in ‘Song Machine’ house bags
2 heavyweight 12” vinyl
Song Machine Season One Deluxe CD
Download card for the full deluxe album
20 page hardcover 12” art book
3x 12” art prints
1x 12” label copy sheet
11x 12” super deluxe art print set

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