Garry Schyman – BioShock 2; Cofre Special Edition Vinilo + CD + Artbook + XBox 360


Garry Schyman – BioShock 2
Sello: Rapture Records (5) – 5250856/LP, Rapture Records (5) – 5250856/CD
Formato: Vinilo, CD, LP, Album, CD, Cofre, Special Edition, Xbox 360
País: UK
Publicado: 9 de febrero de 2010
Género: Electronic, Classical, Stage & Screen
Estilo: Modern Classical, Score, Soundtrack, Video Game Music

I Am Rapture, Rapture Is Me (Official BioShock Score)
LP-A1 Ocean On His Shoulders (BioShock Main Theme)
LP-A2 Welcome To Rapture
LP-A3 Dancers On A String
LP-A4 Cohen’s Masterpiece
LP-A5 Step Into My Garden
LP-A6 The Docks
LP-A7 This Is Where They Sleep
LP-A8 The Engine City
LP-A9 All Spliced Up
LP-A10 Dr. Steinman
LP-A11 Empty Houses
LP-A12 Lost Soul
LP-A13 The Good One
LP-A14 Rapture News Daily
LP-B1 Busted Sub
LP-B2 Spliced Aphrodite
LP-B3 Diseased Medical
LP-B4 Cohen Is Lurking
LP-B5 Haunted Slums
LP-B6 Bowels Of The City
LP-B7 Becoming One Of Them
LP-B8 Combat Medley
LP-B9 Rise Rapture Rise
LP-B10 Gameplay Cues

Sounds From The Lighthouse (Official BioShock 2 Score)
CD1 Pairbond – BioShock 2 Theme
CD2 Waking Up In 1959 (Multiplayer Main Menu)
CD3 Ten Years Later
CD4 Protecting His Charge
CD5 Welcome Back
CD6 Cult Of Lamb
CD7 Out The Airlock
CD8 How She Sees The World
CD9 Grace Under The Ocean
CD10 The Abyss
CD11 Big Sister On The Move
CD12 Send Him Howling Back To Hell
CD13 Eleanor’s Darkness
CD14 That Symbol On Your Hand
CD15 Drained Memories
CD16 Entrance To Eden
CD17 Persephone
CD18 Cell Block
CD19 Lockdown March
CD20 Welcome To The Drop (Alt With Vocal)
CD21 Under The Tracks (Unused With Vocal)
CD22 Research
CD23 Destroying The Lobby
CD24 Gil’s Entertainment
CD25 Escape
CD26 Eleanor’s Lullaby

Special Edition includes:

Unique Special Edition Box
BioShock 2 Xbox 360 Game
BioShock 2 Hardcover Art Book (168 pages)
Authentic 12″ Vinyl LP with the Original BioShock Orchestral Score
Audio CD with the BioShock 2 Orchestral Score
3 Vintage Rapture Advertisements (rolled)

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